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I didn't fit in with ANYONE in school I was very pretty and got curves in the 6th grade. ALL of the girls hated me. The pretty girls, I guess they saw me as competition (adults would say, "Oh, it's because they are jealous," but they didn't seem "jealous" -- to me that would mean they actually liked something about me! They seemed repulsed.) The not-so-pretty girls assumed I was a dumb blonde.

To this day I have very few female friends. I am terribly lonely in that regard. My daughters say it's because I'm "too nice." Funny but that is so true! It seems to be a common female bonding ritual, even in adult women (especially the pretty ones), to cut down other women. They criticize each other mercilessly, for the way they dress, accessorize, talk, walk, keep house, raise kids, and especially the way they regard MEN. I am NOT in the man haters' club and I never will be. I commiserate with most of the men I meet in social circles -- their wives are petty bitches. I don't see much difference in the way the women look!!! I am so disheartened by the prevalence of nasty "feminists," and by that I mean feminism gone bad. So many women seem to think men OWE them, big time.

I am finally realizing that I'd rather just be an outsider than belong to their "club." It's still lonely but I'm learning to cope, and to totally appreciate and cherish the few good female friendships I do have. And, naturally, to cherish my male friendships!

Sorry, re-reading that I see how bitter I sound. I think there is a lot of residual pain left over from high school. It hurts to be excluded by my sister women. But boys/men (with a few truly opportunist jerk exceptions) have almost always been welcoming, warm and kind. I still find that to be true in my adult life.

FORTUNATELY, I have found a few sister sluts here on this forum (and, having just read "The Ethical Slut," I use the term as one of loving endearment) and it is here that maybe for the first time in my life I feel a sense of true acceptance from my sisters. You are ALL beautiful to me -- and it's funny, most of the women I have met on here do not describe themselves as fashion models or Miss America prototypes. What I see here are women with beautiful MINDS and HEARTS. Hey hey, now THERE'S the club in which I'd like to be included!
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