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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
  • Mono relationship structures tend to be more about ownership and control of partners and partnership.
Mainstream, monogamous relationships do emphasize the "I belong to you and you belong to me" aspect of romantic relationships. However, that's not always a negative (I know you know this RP! Just trying to think of objections along with you). That is one of the things I liked best about my monogamous relationship with Beloved. Another thing I enjoyed about monogamy was the ideal of security. The ideal of security illustrates the flip side of jealousy as something positive - he or she loves me enough to not want me to party, stay with, talk to, see, someone else. (I, personally, am not agreeing with this but it is certainly out there.)

I personally tend to associate ownership and control of partners with abusive relationships. Mentally, I would then associate the first list point with all monogamous relationships, and thus with abusive relationships. Ownership/control=monogamy=abusive relationships. This is just how my particular thoughts would jump around in response to the first point - I'm not saying everyone would do this.

I suggest rewording the first list point to something more diplomatic, more positive wording than, to my mind, the strong negatives of ownership and control. It may help you keep your audience in a more open state of mind.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck! It should be very interesting!
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