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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Not to beat a dead horse but Leo hasn't been portrayed well. With out looking back I recall you saying he was an alcoholic swinger with social anxiety issues who doesn't communicate very well.etc....that's from memory so if I'm wrong I apologize. From the outside it kind of looks like animal rescue....or a project. Leo's this little mutt with all these problems that need fixing.....

You being poly and leo's being poly would you recommend your sister, (if you had one) or good friend, to date him? Would any of the others in the tribe recommend he date one of their friends or loved ones?

By the way does that ever happen at poly meeting? Person X is dating this really great person Y . Does person X ever introduce his/her good friend Z to person Y?
sorry about the random thoughts and questions D
no problem, I realize he sounds overly fucked up and a failure. Not at all. He is a very simple man, with simple needs. Which makes him confusing to me as I am not.

He is dedicated to those he loves and does not like change. He lives in fear it seems of change and to deal with it he is anxious and drinks too much. He told me last night that now he is afraid of losing me because that will be a change. Imagine what he went through just to get to know me! Kinda puts it into perspective.

I agree with mono too including a ldr type situation. I suck at that, which is part of the problem.
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