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Default poly relationships in relation to mono ones

I need some help formulating the up coming workshop I am facilitating. I was hoping to get your opinion on what the difference is between poly relationship structures and mono ones in terms of beliefs around relationships, values and managability. Essentially a little bit more about philosophy rather than experience.

So far I have noticed three things:
  • Mono relationship structures tend to be more about ownership and control of partners and partnership.
  • Mono relationships tend to put "the relationship" on a pedistal of what is accomplished rather than "the individual." The individual effort, pride in personal work and being/acting individually seems to be more important and necessary in poly.
  • In mono relationships their tend to be the belief that love is scarce and we should all be holding on to it rather than love is abundant and found everywhere as in many poly relationships

I'm wondering what else you think is involved and do people agree or disagree with these statements.

I am hoping to head off any curve balls ahead of time and as I am speaking for monogamous people as much as poly, I hope to make sure I have my thoughts in order so I can do justice to the topic.

Thanks in advance!
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