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In high school I think everyone is so self centred with their own issues that they really don't think much about anyone else. Most people have the horror stories from high school about being tormented for one reason or another.

I was cute enough back in the day but didn't have any kind of validation until I was about 16 either. I was quite shy for a long time and really not all that interested in dating. I didn't really *get* being boy crazy.

I was on the periphery of a few cliques, never a central member of any of them. I knew who my friends were and as for the rest of them if they were going to call me names so be it. A lot of the time I think the public humiliation of someone "less attractive" is very much to reassure the person doing the attacking that they are better in some way. Most of these people grow up and become decent human beings once they develop some sense of self worth outside the purely physical.
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