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I think a big part of the reason I brought this up for discussion is the fact that we as a society can't seem to handle any sort of extramarital action, even though we as a species need it. Somehow, we're ok with people being gay and living life as a straight person only to come out decades later, yet we levy guilt and shame in abundance on anyone who even shows their wiener to another woman on the damned INTERNET. Sure, it's kinda creepy what he did. Sure, it sucks that he lied about it. Sure, there's no way in hell he should have sent ANY body shots of ANY kind (even just shirtless) to a 17 year old girl, but that's not what got people all riled up. Not the lies. Not the underage. Not the lack of consent as someone brought up earlier (though I don't think that's part of this issue, I believe these were pretty much solicited). Those things were all more poop on the pile, but what provoked the strongest response was the "infidelity". The "betrayal".

We've finally figured out that gay people can't choose their sexuality (and thank god for that) - I think it's time we figure out that straight people can't either.
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