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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I hate to be the one to spew the most obvious cliché, but there is far too much emphasis placed on the orgasm. "Able to come more than once, able to come at least this many times in such-and-such a time period..." Please people!

I tend to rapidly lose interest and tire easily after I orgasm. The faster I orgasm, the more quickly I lose "the zone". Sometimes this is a good thing, like if we have to go somewhere soon. Also, sometimes it's good if the guy ejaculates somewhat prior to the sex act, then he can focus on other things besides his impending orgasm.

Of course, these points have very little to do with whether or not someone wants sex in the first place.
This is an excellent point - there is definitely a difference between number of ejaculations and drive. I've been through periods of time where I've been less interested in sex, and I do need to feel "in the mood". If I'm covered in grease, working on my motorcycle, and frustrated by a problem I can't seem to solve, I'm not going to leap at the possibility, because I'll be stressed out. Once I solve that problem and wash my hands, then I'll feel all sexy and manly and want to boink.

...and as for personal records, mine was 13, I was 18 at the time. More recently, I've managed 8 or 9. I don't enjoy these marathon ejaculation sessions all that much though, I need breaks inbetween, and after the first four or so in a 12 hour period, it just isn't quite as functional, and doesn't feel quite as good. At some point I'm thinking "damn woman, you need a vibrator".

....and speaking of vibrators, an interesting anecdotal aside somewhat relevant to this story is that most men are excellent masturbators (whether we admit it or not). I've known some women who are good at it, but they seem to be far fewer than men. My wife, for example, has repeatedly expressed frustration at how difficult it is to bring a woman (specifically herself) to orgasm. This may be contributing to the lack of male sexual frustration the OP has mentioned. Another potential factor is, I have my doubts about highly satisfied women seeking the consultation of psychics, or really anyone.

Mono - I definitely recommend reading "Sex at Dawn" - while it gives an excellent overview of the evolution of human sexuality, and debunks many of the preconceptions regarding monogamy in humans, it never says you "have" to be poly, or anything like that. It merely suggests we make less of a big deal out of infidelity and our sexuality in general. In fact, it overviews the incredible adaptability of certain parts of male DNA and anatomy to deal with varying situations, and suggests we are adapting physically to our cultural choice of monogamy. I know you're Mono, but reading this book can only enhance your understanding of those you love, even if it brings you little insight into yourself (which I wouldn't entirely rule-out - we are very complex animals, after all).
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