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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
How DID sex - or even emotional connection get put on a pedastle so far above so many more obviously damaging things.
I don't think trying to deconstruct how some things got put on that pedastle is important really. I think it is more important to make sure whatever partner you choose has the same values as you do around the things that are up on the pedastle. For some it could be any other value such as how to raise children, the environment or faith.

Recognizing what is on the pedastle for each individual and finding a partner who respects those values is the key to avoiding damage.

What is important to you may not be important to others...that doesn't make it wrong. It might just make you incompatible with some people. That's normal. I value lots of stuff that others don't and alternately I don't value a lot of stuff that others do...but that doesn't hold me back or surpress me.

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