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"Cheaters" get a horrible rap in our society, and I agree with others here who think there ARE worse things a person could do!

My two youngest daughters are in high school/jr. high, and you should hear the hatred these girls spew out at each other. If nothing else, one thing I've learned -- it starts EARLY, this training, that it is only acceptable to have ONE love interest at a time, even if we're talking puppy love! You better not kiss another boy on the playground; if you have a "boyfriend" you are expected to be "faithful," even as early as the 7th grade!

This is ridiculous to me, but I can hear the echoes of the Puritans in these kids' voices. I am sure they get reinforcement from their parents, as well as songs on the radio about jilted lovers. My youngest daughter instinctively knows this is BS, but she struggles with the slut label already -- at 14 -- because she loves EVERYBODY and she is beautiful. My 16-year old is the opposite -- had a boyfriend who "cheated" on her and now she "HATES" him and won't go anywhere near the crowd of friends they used to share, because that cheating jerk might be there. He has even encouraged the other kids to invite her! But to her, "cheating" is a capital crime, even though she has gone on to find a very nice boyfriend with whom she is far more compatible and very happy.

Sorry to go on a rant about my teenagers' love lives but like I said, this crap starts early on.
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