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Very, very recently I real-eyesed I was frantically looking for more love, in the form (an image, a surrogate) of another lover-partner. Where is he or she?! Why don't we find one another?! Damn it to hell! The fucking universe is saturated with love, you say? Well, fuck you! Damn them! Damn!

I was unhappy, and contracted, not exapansive and loving. And I knew it. I knew it but I didn't know how to stop searching. Finally, the pain of searching was so great that I just had to give it up. I began to give myself what I wanted. (I let the image go and fell into love.) And about three minutes later I real-eyesed that I had a new lover, of the most essential kind, in a new friend.

She lives very far away in space, yet I feel her caressing me every moment of my day and night. And she feels this with me.

Love exists by growing. Growing comes with loving. It's really quite a perfect planet after all.
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