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I read several of his exchanges with his female counterparts early in this mess and they all seemed creepy to me ....however they may have cherry picked those. I live in the Midwest so he does not represent me directly...he is from NYC.

My problem with this is judgement. I think his constituents and congress and the American people deserve and expect to have someone with better judgement. And on top of that he's an arrogant scum bag .....once caught he lies and trys to spin his way out .... he accuses another guy of smear campaign...he lashed out at a reporter ...calling the guy a jackass for asking a good question. From what I've seen and read the guy is an unlikable arrogant loud mouth. A very unsympathetic figure. The people in his district could have just as well elected the creepy guy that uses the public library computers and gets caught exposing himself.

I have a real problem thinking this creepy fuck has and will create or vote on laws that will impact me and my family. His judgement and problem solving skills are relied upon to do the peoples business.... what a joke. This is why Congress has a 69% disapproval rating.

"If" it is true that his wife of 8 months is pregnant I would divorce him as fast as possible and tell the child that the sperm came from a sperm bank. I wouldn't want my kid googling daddy's name and reading and seeing all that shit me I know what I'm talking about. Plus there are way too many wieners in the world as is.
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