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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hey Freetime,
I'm just curious... about T2 and FHC. You've gone on a few dates with each of them, correct? And you already consider them girlfriends? I'm just wondering because they seem to have progressed pretty quickly from dates to girlfriend status. Are you perhaps letting yourself get a bit carried away, and maybe that's why you're feeling fear and jealousy right now? Moving too fast, maybe?
Me? moving to fast? Maybe. My feelings are pretty low key compared to when this rodeo got started. the move from date to girlfriend was and is based on the level of intimacy I currently have with T2 and FHC. I'm not including sex in the discussion because it's not what I'd ever base a real relationship on, just not my style. We moved from date to BF/ GF status because of the emotional and intellectual intimacy created between us, and that's what counts for me.

More to come later, have a morning date with FHC.
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