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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post

Well, she has been talking to him. I'm not getting into what his charges are, but I will say that two are felonies, and none have anything to do with child support.

If you were getting into a new relationship, and had reason to believe the person had been in jail, would YOU do a background check on them?
Yes. I work in an industry where a felony ends a career. I have to be clean, sober and a law-abiding citizen. I expect the same from my partners.

While there may be a good explanation, if someone has been arrested--- you can learn a lot by how they explain that "mistake." If the felonies were violent, if they were stealing others' money, if they were crimes against children or the elderly.... that says a lot about a person.

Yes, even people on parole need love. BUT... in the beginning of a relationship, honesty is more important than saving face.

(and yes, this is an American thing.--it is far more common that someone has been arrested/has been in prison here. According to a Huffington Post article more than one in 100 Americans is in prison, the report says, as the total incarcerated population, at 2.3 million, is by the far the world's largest. The U.S. prison population, in fact, is larger than that of the top 35 European countries combined. What's more, the U.S. spends about $50 billion annually to maintain this system.)
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