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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
One factor is, horniness of fertile females comes in waves. Just like other mammals, women are more horny when ovulating. But, most months (years) they really don't want to get pregnant. So, even when horny, there is that issue. Birth control is a pita and can fail.

Hormonal birth control can lessen sex drive.

Pregnancy and lactation can also lower sex drive, as can the exhaustion of chasing a toddler and a preschooler all day.

Men's sex drive remains pretty constant from their early teens to around 30.

However. Women begin to hit their sexual peak at around 40, when estrogen starts to lessen. Then their own testosterone comes to the fore. Male's testosterone and energy starts to lessen at that age.

This is why every woman over 40 needs a nice 20-something boytoy.
I have noticed this in my own relationship. Stress and exhaustion play a huge roll for both of us . For me personally I could take or leave it in my 20's and early 30's, but after 36 everything went into overdrive. After my second baby, the lady parts just didn't feel the same, there was some loss of sensation and muscle control that lasted about 2-3 years. My husband's "need" has gradually decreased after 40, whether this is due to age, stress, medical issues (recurring kidney stones, high cholesteral, occassional high blood preassure) or both I'm not sure, I'm guessing it all plays a part. He will claim that he is always horny, yet he is the one who falls asleep before I can even get my teeth brushed (much less get the kids to bed) .
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