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Default Well this is different....

T, T2 and FHC are all out tonight on dates.

I am now experiencing jealousy X 3. How fragging awesome is that? life's weird and getting weirder. I do hope that they're having a good night though. How odd is that?

I'm alone right now, so this is where I get to really find out just how well I'm really doing. I'm having a big bowl of fear and jealousy for a snack right now. Tasty, But nothing I haven't had before.

You'd think that having a wife and two girlfriends would make this easier, but it doesn't. I'm still me and still growing up it seems. But when the fear is at its' strongest it seems so am I in a way.

Will I ever be at peace with this? Myself? Love my life, but some days.....
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