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I've seen a bit more of the story than I really wanted to because a few of the blogs that I read to pass the time got into it. I would read the backs of cereal boxes if that's all I had to read, so ....

He tweeted something publicly that he intended to send privately. The pic that I saw was mostly a bulge in underwear and I seriously wondered what the fuss was about.

Pictures have apparently gone out to women over 18, deliberately, in the past. The 17 year old has apparently gotten pulled into it by association. (OMG he sends x rated pics to his female twitter followers and one of them is 17!!!! .....) However, from what I have seen the sexy stuff was not deliberately sent to a minor.

A couple pics may or may not have been asked for by the woman that received them. THIS is the pArt that I actually care about, since getting unsolicited crotch shots( with underwear or not) is creepy. So says the female dating guys from OKCupid.

The consent issue has been completely and utterly obscured by the OMG SEXTING! I really think the women directly involved and the wife are the ones who should be in charge of saying whether it's a big deal or violated any agreements. His wife may feel that it was a violation of a boundary, or she may not....but, since he's in congress, she's not going to be telling the press that it's ok with her. Not going to happen.
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