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Default Do we have the right?

Ok, LT met a guy a couple weeks ago. They hit it off, and she was scared to ask him out. So, I stepped in and spoke to him about it. I told him that she liked him and all. He said the feeling was mutual. Soooo...I put it back into her hands. She asked him out. Well, throughout the conversations, it came out that he had been arrested in the past, and was currently about to get off probation. Well, I have been too, so it was no big deal to LT. But it certainly perked up MY ears. LT and I both went out with him for their first "date". We explained our relationship dynamic to him, and explained that all we desired was for him to be honest with us. He said no problem, and all was fine. LT eventually asked him WHAT he had been arrested for. He said it was "because of child support".

Ok....So, here comes the question: Do WE have the right to do a background check on him?

I'll say this: We already DID do one, and he was not completely honest with us.

He got upset that we would do one on him. I'm PISSED because he lied to my wife and I. I told her to cut it off with him because if he lied about THIS, what else would he lie about???

Well, she has been talking to him. I'm not getting into what his charges are, but I will say that two are felonies, and none have anything to do with child support.

If you were getting into a new relationship, and had reason to believe the person had been in jail, would YOU do a background check on them?
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