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Originally Posted by PussNBoots View Post
... and she said that I seemed kind of fragile and she didn't want to date me unless she could devote a fair amount of time to me, which she can't right now. ( As to the "fragile" comment--I'm still trying to figure out a good way to tell a woman about my lonely inexperienced past without scaring her away, sigh! )
I know what it is like to feel that one might be rejected for having significant differences from the largely imaginary "normal". Here's my advice: Find a woman (or whomever) that you sense has a big heart, loads of compassion and wisdom -- whether or not your relationship is to be "romantic," and just let it all come out. Let it all come out. And you'll find that it wasn't as it seemed, wasn't as big a deal as it seemed. And you will be refreshed and strengthened by it. Holding in important stuff wears us down and makes us feel small. We're not.
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