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Wow, interesting question. I was never in one group I just observed from the outside on my own. I was good with that for the most part as I blended well where ever I went, but it was lonely.

I was cute I guess and boys liked me... I had a lot of dates and lots of funny sexual experiences, but I never really paid attention to others. I noticed that some of the girls would look down their noses and called me names, but I didn't bother with them, because I just figured it was because their boyfriends were checking out my ass as I walked down the hall... I could talk to boys and had best friends who were boys, that was threatening for some girls for sure.

As for "ugly girls" *meh* I B-lined to them as they were often the most genuine and real. The big thing in my school was racism towards first nation Canadians. Not so much looks.... some how if you were native you were uglier than the ugliest.... so Fucking hurtful and ridiculous. I was an outsider that moved from a big city (Toronto) to a small town... I seemed to be one of the few that saw how Fucked up that idea was. I was an activist from day one and made a point of being a good friend to anyone that was the underdog.... funny cause nothing much has changed. I still am like that and still a bit lonely in a group because I never entirely fit in, even if people say I do.

I would think that a lot of what you saw in those pretty girls was their lack of self esteem and their in ability to be anything else but a pretty face. When you are in that time of life everything seems to revolve around surface crap... when age and wisdom creep in, it doesn't matter any more and those pretty girls have nothin' cause we all get old and worn looking in time.

I would wonder what it means to you what peoples answers are here... what are you still looking for in this question?
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