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Default a bun dance

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
What's a bun dance? Is it shaking one's booty? I love doing that but have yet to achieve greater comprehension of the universe, or myself.

A bun dance is a dance we do to celebrate or create abundance.

The way to create abundance is to realize it. That's seeing with your real eyes (which are discovered in part, in the center of your chest).

To realize abundance, we merely have to realize that it is already here with us, as a more-than-infinite supply of love -- more love than any of us could imagine; more love than we know how to open to. More love, for sure, than we'll ever "understand" as grasping.

We do the bun dance because when we begin to see with our real eyes the true nature of love, it makes us giddy and want to shake our stuff right off. All that stuff that keeps us from realizing the abundance. Or because the notion of a scare city (scarcity of love) is hospitalization funny, so funny that you'll rip your stomach muscles realizing it. And it's that sad, too. So we laugh because it's both that sad and that funny.

The true nature of love? It is abundant. All one has to do is open up to it, give it, appreciate it ... and it expands Without Limit.

Also true about love is that it is the prime value in existence! (Moreso, it is the very heart and core of existence.) Think of it! It's absolutely free, it expands when given away -- or even appreciated. It never runs out. And it is MORE THAN INFINITE IN SUPPLY! ... And it is valuable beyond any measure or comprehension! How good is that?!

When we clutch at it and want to control it, or offer it out in dribs and drabs, teaspoonfulls..., when we make laws and rules and concepts like prison bars around it... we have Scare City, which is hospitalization sad and hospitalization funny.

Our world is sick with Scare City, which calls for A Bun Dance!
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