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Default A Bun Dance -- Rather than Scare City.

Originally Posted by Bangel View Post
.... if she truely loved me would she not want to be with me and only me? ....
This is our present culture's default setting assumption, to use computer talk. So, it is understandable that you might have difficulty imagining any other approach as valid, virtuous and real.

I can't help wondering if the myth of God creating Adam and Eve (rather than Adam, Eve, Steve, Robert, Anne, Jenny, Lary, and Joni ...) in the mythical original Garden isn't the basis of this fantastic notion about love. What could have caused us to cling to this dyadic image of the one and only "true love"?

Love is not like pie or cake or cookies. Unlike these, giving some away doesn't cause one to end up with less. One more often has more love when giving it to several than less. And why does one's wife's love of another seem to suggest she loves you less? These two facts are not necessarily related at all. I can appreciate huevos rancheros AND spaghetti maranara -- equally (and I do).

The source of love is a lackless awareness, really. It overflows with itself in abundance.

Which is why, I think, we should hold more bun dances. Dancing our buns we can learn to eradicate illusory scare-city.
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