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I seem to be having issues with wanting to remain friends with him, I have such anger towards him, i know that my wife get frustrated with me because she feels no matter haow many time she tells me that she loves me and will not leave me she seems to think I do not listen. I here her but the words are hard to swallow. But i guess that is the Mono inside me, if she truely loved me would she not want to be with me and only me. But then I guess the same arguement can be made at me that if I truely love her would I not want her happy and get everything she wants out of life? I really question if I can do this or not. I see alot of success stories but also some pretty bad disaters. I think that sometimes I am the lone man here, 2 for 1 against. Majority rules. Having another hard day if you haven't noticed. Sometime it is nice to vent when I know the other two don't want to talk about it. Sorry I rant like I do but I have to get this out otherwise it festers and turns into another emotional outburst. THank you all for listening ( READING) to me.
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