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I think there is a deluded sense that things "should" be equal... but as George Orwell wrote, "some are more equal than others".

Some people beat themselves up trying to "force" equality rather than achieving said "equality" by letting the "Un-equality" exist and run its course.

This is being discussed in at least two other threads on this forum. I wish people would read older messages. They are not that old, this forum has been up for less than a year; there is a lot of good information people have taken the time to think over and type out, and it's obvious that new people don't read them because they ask the same basic questions that have already been discussed at great length and in great detail. It would be one thing if someone walked into a conversation in the middle of a party and needed to be brought up to speed verbally, but here we have the benefit of archiving all our discussions with a variety of ways to search for what we want, or to browse the menu categories. It boggles my mind how many folks fail to utilize this resource to its fullest capacity.

I'm just saying...
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