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Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
he's deployed (in the Navy). He just got off of sea duty where he was deployed twice in two years, once to Iraq and once to the Phillippines. He'd transferred to shore duty and was pulled off of that to go to this post in D.C. in January. So he's been gone the majority of the past three years.

So the issue is... coordinating calendars doesn't work because he's 3,000 miles away. We did skype this weekend and we will do that more regularly, but it's a pale substitution for actual conversation and physical touch-- the latter is really what I am sorely lacking and something that is very important to me. That can't be imitated, it is there or it isn't.
That's hard and yeah coordinating calendars wouldn't work, except maybe to make sure you guys at least get more "face time". My dad was military and gone alot when we were babies, but not so much as I got older. I still say keep him informed of your struggles, don't hide it as a way to "make everyone happy". I have seen people make decissions based on their belief that everything is "OK" only to realize too late that it really was only a hair away from total collapse.
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