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Originally Posted by Sikau View Post
TruckerPete, I know that you are right, though R seems to have a better handle on this concept than I do. I guess I just keep hoping I can find a way to choose us both (there's that eternal optimist in me). I mentioned earlier that it's something that I have greatly struggled with most of my life, choosing myself first. And you are even more right when you say that my needs are as legitimate as can be so hard to remember that sometimes, between my personal doormat tendencies and the ideas of romance, sacrifice, etc that are conditioned into us from birth in our society. I often find myself wondering why I have to be the selfish one, why I want "more" than he does, etc. It definitely helps to be reminded that I'm not broken or crazy for challenging the accepted norms.
Yes, with societal norms and being conditioned from birth that monogamy is the only option, I too have struggled with feeling like a greedy, slutful whore on occassion.
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