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Default Ah, so here is the hitch

I knew it was going too well. It is still going well, mind, but I've found the caveat. Knight's ex has been sort of orbiting his life and screwing with his head for a while now. She really knows how to hurt him. There is something special between them, I know, but it just bothers me to know how much he ends up hurting because of her.

Anyway, he told her about us last night. She was not happy. There were many tears on both sides.

I know I've contributed to his hurt, if indirectly, although he insists that he is happy with whatever is going on between us.

He is staying in contact with her and trying to be a friend to her. I don't really see that working without hurting him, but I support whatever he decides to do. I do have something of a fear that they will get back together and she will insist that he cease contact with me, but I think that is a risk worth taking. If they get back together and he is happy, I will be happy for him, although I would miss what has been growing between us.

I'm glad he told her, though. Openness, honesty. It's good.

Oh! And I told my mom. She actually took it pretty well. I wouldn't have told her so soon, except that she's been talking about possibly sending my younger sister to live with me for a while, and I thought she should be aware of whatever situation it is that she'd be sending my sister to be around. She was baffled and concerned for Romeo's and my relationship, but accepting. I love my mom. She is seriously awesome.
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