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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
I think he is the poor SOB who had the incredibly bad timing of making a underwear/photo boo-boo, while 'sexting' issues are hot and at the forefront.

Much like 'rehab' being a trendy thing a few years ago, or 'sex-tapes' before that, the media jumps on any news-bits related to these trends.
Sexting and social media blunders, have become a hot trend.

Its scandalous, simply because its a trendy-bash currently.

He will walk the public-shame walk, cower and disappear.

..It`s what all lil good boys in batman-underwear do.

I think this is a little different because the gal was 17.

Also not sure how this is poly? Maybe a move to the Fireplace would be good?
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