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Originally Posted by Ilove2men View Post

To answer why I feel threatened. etc
Thanks for sharing this additional stuff. I think it might be helpful for a lot of readers.
I'm glad you took the time to talk things through and that the clarity came from it. That's a great thing about people who connect well. Sometimes we all just need reminders - to revisit - stuff we've dealt with before. It's a lot easier & quicker the second (and umpteenth) time around.

Also that you raise a great point that doesn't get talked a lot about.
It gets into an area that's really tricky sometimes. It's when one person in a relationship recognizes someone that is toxic (in any number of ways) and another isn't picking it up. Attraction can blind us sometimes - especially when hormones are involved. In your case - at least after a discussion - you both apparently are seeing it. So you're golden. Others are not always as lucky. This is a great topic in itself to talk about - how to deal with conflict in 'vision' lol.

Seems you guys are in a good place. Great wishes for the future !

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