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Default NRE? random thoughts.

I have never experienced love so freely given, so freely received. I'm having a drink, smoking a Cigar and listening to Adele 21.

If this all stops tomorrow. I'll still be grateful and humbled by what I've been given by my wife, FHC, T2. and their respective partners.

Edit: As I was writing this last missive for the night, T came in and delivered some hard news. her company, our source of income is experiencing critical financial issues, which affects well just about everything. I don't know if the universe is fucking with us or me, but all I can say is bring it on. I'm a big boy I can take it. just another day in the life of Freetime.

About the only thing I'd change about this journey is the pain I've caused my wife. Your not alone T, I swear to God you're not baby. We'll be alright.

Still an amazing day.

Night folks, be well.


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