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Originally Posted by maca View Post
As for the guy ( sorry I didnt catch your name) that is deployed. I understand your position. I live in Alaska and work as an Electrician forman. I get sent out of town, to remote villages( I mean really F'ing remote) and do anywhere from 2 week hitches to 10 week hitches. I do know what its like to go without the touch of a woman for extended periods of time, and it sucks. I dealt with it then, just like Ill deal with it now. So I feel your pain. I also wanted to add thanks, Thanks for your service. I really do appreciate what you are doing for us back home.

lucky for me, this one is only a 4 month det. normally they are 6 months plus. I also deal with it, just like I have every other time but I'm really hoping for at least 3 to 4 times a week when I get back. thanks for the support.
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