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Thanks PussNBoots . life's good right now. real good. I'm currently having a drink and smoking a montecristo, pondering just how different my life is today from where this all began.

I wouldn't trade a single day of the pain, fear, uncertainty or tears for an easier journey, because what I have today is a life being lived as it was meant to be.. Filled with real Joy and amazement at the people entering my life. I still have moments of sudden unexpected sadness, but it's just part of letting go and growing up.

I have had moments so intense, so filled with love, kindness, and an Intimacy I have dearly missed.

I have some very basic rules I live by today, here they are.

Don't stop
never back up
Don't slow down
Always forward.

I'm having this tattooed on my left forearm by the way.

Not exactly a safe way to go about this, but the only thing I got playing it safe was a sorrow filled and lonely existence. So yeah, Fuck it.

This may all crash and burn to the ground next week, I may implode tomorrow, but at least I'll do so feeling like a human being experiencing my life to it's fullest. I have such a long way to go, but I have hope that maybe, just maybe, I'll finally be able to stand in the sunlight and say, I get it. I belong.

Stop by anytime, I'll pour us both a drink and we can talk some more about this odd walk into Polyamory.

be well


And TP? I'd marry you right now. is that a crush?

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