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HeHe, I tried to throw away my core faith (God and Christ), but couldn't. I did come to the conclusion that most of what I have been told, espescially about sex over the years is total BS. I also don't quite believe that the Bible is absolutely ONLY God's Word and not influenced by man (that went over well with the rents). So, while I still call myself a Christian, my mother is convinced that I'm going to hell because I don't believe in her absolutes . I'm very painfully learning how to just smile and nod. By nature, I want to argue my point, so it's a painful process, but the conflict and knowing that if I open my mouth, she will have all her friends "praying" for my soul, just isn't worth it.

I know you called yourself an athiest, but I will recomend a book anyway, especially as someone who lived within the religon for so many years. Divine Sex: Liberating Sex from Religous Tradition. 1. It has given me some great "Biblical" points to use when I just can't "smile and nod", 2. It reaffirmed a lot of conclussions I had come to on my own - "The Church" is full of shit on many subjects.

Welcome to the board. These guys have awesome advice when it comes to dealing with any and all relationship issues, mono, poly (or any combination), with or without fetish. Read a bunch, guaranteed you should learn somethings about yourself.
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