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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
lol! This is my guess, but I only scrolled back two pages so I could be wrong...or there could be more...

Originally Posted by idealist View Post
I spoke with J*** on the phone Sunday and was surprised at what he shared with me. Come to find out, after all these years, he has been withholding some of his feelings from me. Apparently he talked to a therapist about it and realized that he needed to come clean with me. We have been talking about meeting in Dallas for a Festival in September. The discussions about seeing each other again has led to lots of discussions and during those discussions, he admitted that he has been uncomfortable with my bisexuality ever since hes known me (about 11 years). We dated monogamously for 3 years and then 1 year. Why did this never come up before?? I guess what brought it up now is the fact that I have decided to act out on my bisexuality and he is uncomfortable with that.
If this is you eb330033, and your uncomfortable with her sexual orientation...My advice would be to NOT read her blog, its hot stuff! and its only adding fuel to the fire so its not gonna make letting go any easier for you. And I wouldn't worry J*** is a very common name, you'll be fine.

And now going back to minding my own business
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