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Originally Posted by Minxxa View Post
Oh, and the other thing I need to figure out for myself is getting my needs met because they're not. I'm too isolated, very lonely, not getting any sex (and sex with myself is fine, but not the same). My getting those needs met is my responsibility, but how to do that with my busy schedule full of responsibilities (because he's gone), is difficult. And he can't meet them because he's gone. And not letting the bitterness of not getting my needs met bleed all over their relationship is important. And sometimes difficult.
I missed why he is gone. But you do need to fully state your needs to him. Becareful not to tell him what he needs to change, but do tell him the problem you are having and he needs to help fix it. Sometimes it may be as simple as coordinating your calendars. My husband is known for over booking himself until others start to complain and physically show him that he has too much going on.

I will be watching your journey, becasue my SIL is also the caregiver/peacemaker in her family and she too is struggling to learn how to make herself happy and I would like to help her.
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