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I figure everyone knows by now that I like sex. Im good at sex and I like to bring my partners ( and Ill admitt, myself) lots of joy in bed. As for how many times a week I get it...

LR comes and stays at my house Friday nights. We make love that evening and somtimes again in the morning Saturday. I take the kids Saturday nights and LR goes back home to GG. On occasions LR will come over mid week but its rare.
As for FB's, LR brought up not being ok with them during our " Boundry making" I agreed that we would leave FB's out. As for FWB, LR wanted there to be a time frame of "friendship" before having sexually contact. 6 months to be exact. At the time I agreed to that. So finding a partner to fill my sexual drive needs, is not an easy just go out and "fuck" sort of thing.

As for changing my living arrangments.... If I could manage to find a way to be happy and live in the same house as LR and GG, I would do it. But I would do it for different reasons than to get laid more often.

I didnt check to see when this post started but it was only a few days ago that I mentioned to LR that I was struggling with the facts that I dont get enough physical intimacy to satisfiy my needs. That I was trying to not break our boundry rules and that I was " taking matters into my own hands" but that just wasnt cutting it. So as far as whining yeah I wasnt whining, I was opening up and being honest about somthing that Im a little bit embarassed about ( thats probably why LR didnt mention, outright , that it was me). So much for honesty and openness.

As for the guy ( sorry I didnt catch your name) that is deployed. I understand your position. I live in Alaska and work as an Electrician forman. I get sent out of town, to remote villages( I mean really F'ing remote) and do anywhere from 2 week hitches to 10 week hitches. I do know what its like to go without the touch of a woman for extended periods of time, and it sucks. I dealt with it then, just like Ill deal with it now. So I feel your pain. I also wanted to add thanks, Thanks for your service. I really do appreciate what you are doing for us back home.

" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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