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Hi polyexplorer! Thank you for commenting, while I'm sorry that you are also in a difficult position, it helps to know that what I'm facing is not entirely unique or unheard of. Nobody wants to feel alone right?

I hear what you are saying about the communication, and we try to do that and generally do pretty well. Though, I'm more the type that I'd rather mull over my feelings for a while before disclosing them, because things can change but especially because I am not always able to phrase things to sound exactly how I mean it right away. I like to be sure that what I'm saying will come across as I'd like it to. I think the important thing is to not shut down entirely. It can be a struggle, but what else can you do? I'll keep my fingers crossed for your situation, and I genuinely hope that you can reach some kind of resolution. Please keep me updated if things change, perhaps you will have stumbled across something that we haven't yet thought of.
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