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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
baby's sick, so momma's not getting any sleep. He's congested and can't sleep laying down or he gts to coughing.
SO, grandma's been stepping in to help so mommy can sleep here and there. Now grandma has it too and feels like shit. Slept til 11am-3pm this afternoon.
Haven't done my homework. Can't think straight, throat hurts.
Supposed to babysit tomorrow...

I feel like shit and I feel overwhelmed.

To top it all off;

Friday night Maca texted that we needed to talk about a "settlement" regarding our marriage. He wants to end the marriage. Still wants a list of things; but no moving back in, no commitment, no marriage.
He appears to be utterly baffled by my devastation and has told at least one of my friends that he's "just doing this for LR, giving her the space she needs to have a real relationship with GG." Ironically, that friend-knows better. I don't NEED space, I need acceptance.

But-welcome 12 steps..... I'm accepting that which isn't mine to change (his mind).
I'm so sorry LR; I hope that you find a way to move forward.
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