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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
He appears to be utterly baffled by my devastation and has told at least one of my friends that he's "just doing this for LR, giving her the space she needs to have a real relationship with GG."

Of course, you're devastated!

Real relationship with GG? But it's real now, how is this going to make it suddenly real? What is the logic here? He has a gf, can't he abide by you having GG as well as Maca in your life? Maca's staying married to you doesn't mean the relationship with GG isn't real. And having GG in your life doesn't mean your marriage to Maca is less than or not "real."

I'm just blurting out what comes to mind. I know you know these things. Where is he? Can I go shake him? :/

Sorry to hear this is happening, but at least he wants to talk - maybe you can convey to him somehow that this is not what you want and there can be a way to stay together. It seems like you are both doing so well living apart, you can still be married and have such an arrangement.
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