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I am in such awe of your words. I find it difficult to respond and sit here, knowing I want to, knowing I should, yet I am unable to respond with the eloquence and heartfelt poetry that my heart wants to pour out. The words I am about to write are so small compared to what my heart feels as it reaches through the city to yours, all snug in the bed that we share when I am with you.

Our talk today began with my perceived notion that you were uncomfortable with my meeting up with an old friend that has potential to possibly be a lover.... although this meeting was simply a rekindling of friendship and a trip down memory lane I knew that this over riding possibility was difficult for you. Not to mention that I had arranged for my husband and I to see our tertiary tonight. Further to that, it has been a hell of a day in regards to the drama with my mother and we are again left battered and worn from her method of trying to dictate what she thinks is a righteous path for us.

You have handled yourself beautifully through all of this today; been kind to me when I have been frantic and tearful, listened to my rage around my mothers issues, held me tight when you came on your lunch hour to see me because you knew I was desperate, smoothed my hair and held my face close to yours to give me kisses and gentle words of encouragement when I stole a moment with you at your house this afternoon.

And now this.

It makes me weep when I read it because I know I have found someone who loves like I do. Who loves me as much as I love them. Loves without reservation and with staggering amounts of trust and connection. I am forever grateful for your patience and unending ability to love without a limit.

I can only assume that we are on the right path love, regardless of what pressures from outside and whatever baggage we bring to the table. All three of us have built a fortress of love, support, and trust. How can we go wrong with that....?

Forever baby. I am yours forever.
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