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so far, today is a good day, but it's still early. I got to talk to the wife when I woke up which always makes me happy. we talked a little about her BF and how he was doing. I got to see the kids. technology is a beautiful thing sometimes. I remember my 1st deployment after we were together. we had email as a constant way to communicate and we got to talk on the phone a couple of times a week. deployment 2 had yahoo messenger. now we have facebook which of course gives up to the minute details if needed and skype where we actually see each other. on top of it, I have internet in my room which opens the door for skype sex....giggity....anyway, unless we have actual work to do, my nights are spent reading as much as I can on here. I'm learning alot about how to work through the emotional turmoil that I still have. I think I'm working through it pretty good though.
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