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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
RP: here's an idea I've passed around to others, I feel you could use it, along with some huge hugs, right about now.

Write out what's bothering you about this situation with Leo, what you want to tell him, how things are making you feel, what you want to see happen.

Having it in writing seems to help me get those thoughts to gel into a more coherent form and gives me a more concrete something to base a decision on.
I dunno, from over here, it looks like it's done. Why beat a dead horse? I've learned that, for me, long explanations are counter-productive when it's time to let someone go. Just give the most succinct, concise reason and be done with it. No one can argue with a simple "this doesn't work for me anymore."

And remember RP, letting go can be so-o-o freeing! You've been feeling a little heavy lately, and it could be related to the fact that you've been holding onto this relationship that doesn't satisfy you very much. If it's become more of a burden or sore spot than a blessing and joy, letting go of Leo could do wonders for your spirit!
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