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Smile Hello to you.

Originally Posted by gema9809 View Post
Well hello all you wonderful people, we are a happily married couple and i am a bimale and my wife is an openminded female. we have been in a fairly standard monagimous relationship married for 8 yrs now in the past year we started exploring our sexuality with other men solo exp with other men and women and then mmf 3somes. At first we thought we wanted to be swingers, but after an all nighter and subsequent visits from this awesome guy we realized something we both desired an intimate relationship with him(not gonna happen hes married to another girl and the army career soldier ).
Well we were confused and still are, we do not desire seperate relationships we love each other very much and even when its consentual stepping outside of the relationship always ends up with jealousy and arguments, but we fell for someone together who made us both feel so special that we would happily bring that person into our lives and there was no jealousy ...maybe a little but it is overwhelmed by the mutual desire to intimate with that person together so what are we?. well this sites intresting and our dream would be to add another male to our relationship who we are both mutually attracted to and then eventually another woman as well and keep that as our primary, i dont know lol just cool to know were not alone we thought this kind of stuff didnt exist lol

Hello to you too. We are in a very similar situation.. We have been married 26 years and We are each others soul mates. We have tried mmf but we find that playing one on one works better. I truley belive that there are more of us out there than we know. The most imoportant this is COMMUNICATION. He knows when I am with someone and I know when he is with someone.=PHP] We started to be with others a year ago. I sometimes think "What is wrong with me to be so openminded about this" but the reality is that Our relationship has become more solid than ever.I would love to hear of other married couples who are like us
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