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Apparently the show was a huge success last night? Or Friday night rather?

RP: here's an idea I've passed around to others, I feel you could use it, along with some huge hugs, right about now.

Write out what's bothering you about this situation with Leo, what you want to tell him, how things are making you feel, what you want to see happen.

Having it in writing seems to help me get those thoughts to gel into a more coherent form and gives me a more concrete something to base a decision on.

Once you've got it down in writing give yourself permission to get angry or grieve, or whatever it is you need to do and move forward with your life. Don't let this situation get you down and out (yeah, I know, easier said than done).

Just remember: you've got three men in that house who love you to bits and will give you all the hugs you need whenever you need them. Take them up on it, go grab some hugs, give out some smiles . You'll feel better. You've also got Derby in your life who, I'm sure, is good for some hugs and smiles .

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