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Day 16

Well, we did it. We officially opened up our marriage. We figure weíre as ready as weíll ever be so weíre just going to let things happen as naturally as possible.

We have only 3 rules.

This is really cool. Rider and I both agree that a long list of rules kind of goes against the whole open/poly ideal. That is, if this is about autonomy, trust, and not owning or controlling the primaryís choices, etc. then donít a bunch of rules put you right back into that closed, controlling thought process? (Just our thoughts at this point)

Itís funny but I donít really feel any different. I guess thatís because we had gotten to the same point in thinking in the past few days. The only thing we hadnít done was to make it official.

Iím not excited, scared, or numb. Iím neutral. Thatís good; itís like itís become a normal mode of thought. Iím not rushing into anything or looking to fill a hole. Iím 100% satisfied with Rider and if and when someone else comes along that could add to my life then Iíll add them.

Iím heading off for 10 days and itíll be weird to not be able to talk to Rider at all while Iím gone, especially after all of these great marathon conversations. I canít wait to come back home to him.
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