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So tonight sucked. I'd had a feeling all day that this evening was gonna be disappointing and I was right, but not the way I expected at all. So I get a call from Elric after he leaves work which is when he is supposed to be coming over. Instead he's on his was to the hospital cause his dad had to have emergency surgery. He's doing ok thankfully. Elric feels bad since he did want to see me and now instead of having time to talk and whatever I get to see him for his lunch break tomorrow since I'm picking up Cajun at the airport tomorrow night.

And yes, I am glad his dad is doing ok and that he spent the time with his family, but I am very disappointed and envious since this was supposed to be our time and I probably won't be back in town until December.

I just have one last thing to say... Elric's and my timing must SUCK!!! I swear "destiny" or "fate" or whatever just don't want us hanging out even.
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