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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Not me.
This person has a high sex drive, is pretty serious about not having sex unless in a relationship (at least in theory).
But, doesn't have the opportunity due to living situation to see either of their lovers daily at a time and place conducive to sex. 3-4 times a week, yes. But not daily and it "wears thin".
Well, more info changes the context here.
2-4 times a week is pretty good for most people with anything else going on in their lives. Seems masturbation should be able to fill in the gaps there for a majority of people. If that's really that unsatisfying I think they need to work on connecting a bit more to reality. We can't always get what we want ALL the time. That's just how life is. To fight that and allow it to become a real problem in our life that's worth talking about says something about the person's emotional state/capability. Giving in to it would feed the part of our brain that makes us prone to addictions etc and that can be a bigger long term problem. Learning to deal with life's little disappointments is a big part of healthy mental balance.


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