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Default Boring boring boring

I love my family.

They are immense, incredible people, capable of surprising me, often by gently challenging my false perceptions of them at any given time.

What I mean is, when too much time has gone by without touching the consciousness of someone in my life, I get weird about it.

But isn't that the constant challenge, managing all of our relationships in a way that does not overwhelm us, but at the same time ensures that our brains don't concoct some personal fiction about what is going on in another person's head.

So much has happened in the last few months and I don't want to burden any sentence with more details than it can bear; however, I believe some milestones have occurred that are worth recognizing.

I feel that a list should be sufficient, if not aesthetically potent.

1.) My dear friend and long time mentor has again taken up the challenge of putting down the bottle. I had a nice personal cry because of the relief this brought me.

2.) Catfish and I took an unspoken emotional communication vacation from one another. I had my anxieties about this for a time, but I just spoke with him on the phone and I am certain he still likes me.

3.) My parents came to visit and finally got to meet Rarechild. This was big for me. We had a very fun day and my Mother invited Rarechild to visit the homestead.

4.) My best friend's mullet grows longer by the day.

5.) Some other things happened...

6.) Catfish and Rarechild's anniversary is coming up very soon, which was just brought to my attention, and, to put it tersely, this brings me great joy.

I love my family.

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