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Wow, that makes alot of sense. She very much prances around every married or taken man on the property and it does leave a bad taste in my mouth because she is so obviously doing it for attention and I have to admit I do feel insecure at times which is strange for me. It doesn't happen often and come to mention it, in the past when I'm insecure it revolved around someone like her. I don't think she is trying to sleep with my boyfriend just that she exudes desperate for attention and is seeking it from all around her. Crazy thing, the prancing and lack of concern is what attracts him to her.

My only (what I consider) adult experience is my ex and it was def a not allowed to speak of anything outside of me and him. When he would hear other guys speaking of women infront of their wife, I would hear from him that he would never disrepect me like that. Even though to me it seemed like the wife was okay with it and sometimes made comments of her own.

I guess this is why it seems strange to speak about this and it be okay as is. I think I should have a further discussion about this with him. We have openly discussed my emotions about her in particular, but you shed light on it better than I could have and honestly I feel like I could be a little more open with him. It's a tough thing for me to admit insecurities to a significant other. He doesn't know his attractions are a turn on for me either. I want him to know that, but something has held that tidbit back. I'm guessing it's insecurities as well.
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