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Default Hi From Northern Illinois!

We're a recently married couple in our mid 40's, we met in 2006 and have always been poly together, albeit rather low key. It's a new lifestyle for him, he had only experienced cheating, from both sides of the coin, before meeting me. I have always been poly even before I had the words for it, but I had never had a primary relationship that honestly started out poly until we met. I am very happy with finally being able to be myself.

He has a gf who is a wonderful woman and a good friend to both of us, (she doesn't live with us). I don't have anyone else in my life right now, I feel pretty isolated since neither of us is into driving for hours for poly socials in the city. Craigslist has been my only outlet for meeting people and that, predictably, has been a disaster.

I'm an artist and I love reading, cooking and gardening. We own a small business that keeps us crazy busy for 6 months of the year and then is merely full time the rest of the year.

He loves movies, music and books. Don't laugh at his puns, it only encourages him. You'll be sorry.

So, that's us in a nutshell, add a dog and 2 cats, and an array of wonderful friends and chosen family and we're pretty happy.
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