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I totally get that to some people sexual cheating is the worst of lies.
What I don't get is why some of these same people can excuse cheating (the breaking of vows) in all other arenas EXCEPT sex.

I find it very.... two-faced that one can break ALL of their wedding vows except having sex with someone else, adn that is "not as bad" as if their partner has sex with someone else, but keeps all of the other vows....

I tend to agree that there's something about the way we prioritize THAT vow over all others, instead of prioritizing all of them.

I read an interesting book last week (funny as hell) about French women and she made some HUGE points on the differences in how the French view marriage and fidelity versus the way American's (US) view those things. It was VERY enlightening (sorry, can't recall the name of the book at the moment).
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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